"Európske partnerstvá mladých pre udržateľné činy"

          Project description

          In the past few years, there has been a growing recognition of and need for action concerning the pressing climate issues our world is facing. Although science has been dealing with questions of climate, pollution, health and sustainability for many years and there have already been some initiatives by regional, national and international organizations, it was a movement created and organized by young people which finally brought the issue to the recognition of a broader public. This and climate emergencies like the dry summers of the past years and the fires in Australia are confronting us with the current disturbing reality in the age of new media and show the necessity to act.

          Programs and concepts like the Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal are raising hope and create an institutional frame to change regional and national policies and structures. But, as young people have been the initiators of awareness leading up to global change, they can also be activists of young partnerships towards sustainability. As Europe has the goal to be the first continent where climate neutrality and sustainability is realized, as presented in the EU’s European Green Deal, strong European partnerships and an exchange of good practice will be a crucial part.

          With our project, we want to help create young European partnerships for sustainable action - and bridge young people’s need to be active with an educational frame, input and network while establishing connections between young people and key actors at the regional, national and European level. This means that we want to establish a network of European schools, young people and educators, who see the need to connect, act and educate on the topic of the climate challenges we are currently facing. As educators, we aim for a high academic standard while tackling various aspects of the topic, high creativity and outcome-orientated learning as well as strengthening of partnerships, intercultural and social skills.

          At the core of our project are the UN’s SDGs and the EU’s European Green Deal. As explained further below, each school will focus on one SDG they see as a priority for their respective country and school, while we all have the SDG17, "Partnerships for the Goals", in common. The aim is a strong and sustainable exchange between the participating schools, learning from each other and institutionalizing the educational aspects of this topic at schools - as stated in the European Commission’s paper "EU DELIVERING ON THE UN 2030 AGENDA" from the SDG Summit 2019, education is one of the key enablers for sustainability transition.

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      • Gymnázium, Kukučínova 4239/1, Poprad
      • 052/426 44 21 informátor; 052/426 44 27 sekretariát
      • Kukučínova 4239/1 058 39 Poprad Slovakia
      • IČO: 00161098
      • DIČ: 2020656935
      • EDUID: 100012434
      • Riaditeľka školy: Ing. PaedDr. Beáta Taylorová, PhD., riaditelka@stary-gympel.sk
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