• Welcome volunteers to Stary-gympel

        • Volunteering can have a very powerful and positive impact on students and that was one of the reasons our volunteer Arpine Babayne from Armenia had been offered the opportunity to come to Stary- gympel.

          During a one-week programme she worked closely with students and our wonderful staff, presenting cultural diversity, and educating students helping them develop essential 21st-century skills.

          We learnt to broaden perspectives about the world around us, encouraged others to be open to new ideas, attitudes and traditions. In our school we believe that through understanding we can act on solutions for the problems in the world. Thanks for Arpine´s altruism. This will definitely not be a one-off !!

          Arpine Babayne comments on her stay with us: 

          "I have been in multiple schools in Slovakia, I met quite a lot of students there but to tell the truth your gymnasium really stood out among others. Usually in other schools it was only me talking endlessly about myself, or I had to push them to express themselves, the picture in the gymnasium Kukučínova was really surprisingly different. Your students were really responsive to my questions, talkative enough and pretty engaged in the activities I did with them. I'm utterly thankful for the warm hospitality you showed towards me last week. Everything was well organised. Hope the cooperation between Mladiinfo and your school will continue for the next years."



    • Kontakty

      • Gymnázium, Kukučínova 4239/1, Poprad
      • skola@stary-gympel.sk
      • taylorova@stary-gympel.sk
      • 052/4264421 informátor 052/4264427 sekretárka riaditeľa školy 052/4264422 riaditeľ školy
      • Kukučínova 4239/1, 058 39 Poprad
      • IČO: 00161098
      • DIČ: 2020656935
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