• MOBILITY 1 - Lithuania


          Our first mobility in Lithuania
          18th - 24th November 2018

          Imagine this : It is 3:00 o clock in the morning, all of your friends are sleeping, but you are an exception. You may ask: “ What can you do at this time? “ Well, try asking us. At 3:00 on Sunday morning we were leaving Poprad and getting ready for our new experience. The goal was clear - Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania.

          After sixteen hours on the bus, where Poland seemed to us like never ending story, we finally arrived in front of the Ibis Hotel, where our host sisters and brothers were already waiting. First moments were a little bit awkward, you know that feeling when you are in new place, with new people and now you don´t know what to do. But after few minutes everything was alright and we realized that this will be hell of a week.

          At 9:00 on Monday, first meeting was held. Students from each country - Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Lithuania presented presentations about their school and home country. We learned many interesting things. For example, in Denmark they have different schedule in school for each week. After that we took a long walk through the city, to get to know its interesting places and monuments.

          Another day  = another trip.  Programme for the day was a trip to Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania and also water castle near Trakkai town. In Vilnius, the city that people from Kaunas don´t consider the city because of high percentage of residents from Russia and Poland, we saw a mixture of classical art and post modern themes in almost every building. And as for the Trakai castle? Just one word  –  breathtaking. It was one of the most beautiful things in Lithuania.

          On Wednesday we learnt something about M.K. Čiurlionis. He was glorious artist, painter, writer and also a composer. After that we had our own art time. Students from Lithuania played some of his music to us and our task was to create paintings by using our creativity. I think that mine was nearly a masterpiece. Later that day we visited art gallery and in the evening we played bowling all together.

          Druskininkai, the birthplace of M.K. Čiurlionis was our goal for Thursday. When we arrived we visited his house, museum and exhibition of his paintings.  After that our lunch came.  Oh, my God  -  it was delicious!  We ordered a plate filled with different kinds of meat, cheese, sauce and vegetables and our Lithuanian and Danish friends told us that we should try their traditional pink soup, so we tried it. It tasted good but also strange. Have you ever tried cold soup made by “kefir” with potatoes and a cucumber?  It was like this. By the way, the soup is called “ Šaltibarščiai”, try to say that!

          And here we go, our last day in Kaunas came. Well, we spent the last day in Lithuania at Kaunas Castle firstly, where we learnt something about history of Kaunas city. After interpretation from a tour guide, a practical section followed.  We were making our own tiles. In the evening we had our last dinner and final party. We were singing, dancing and talking until 22:00, when the sad part came - the goodbye. After a big group hug and last song we left the hotel and our Kaunas adventure was heading to its end.

          It was an amazing week. We got better in English, we met a lot of interesting people from different countries and also made new friendships with them, we tried different style of living and we experienced unknown culture. I think that no one will ever forget that week, and I am not an exception.                                                                                         

          Adam Didecký   II. C
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          Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

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