• MOBILITY 2 - Denmark

        • Our stay in Denmark -
          31 March 2019 - 6 april 2019

          Denmark was our second mobility of Erasmus+ programme under the title ''Teaching and learning without limits''. The process of preparation has begun way before. We were perfecting our presentations about our country, city and school. We also looked up some information about Denmark, their culture and a way of living so we would be prepared.

          Our mobility to Denmark set off early in the morning at the train station in Poprad, from where we travelled to Bratislava and then to Vienna. After a little shopping spree at the airport, we managed to safely land in Copenhagen. We were greeted by our host families and then welcomed to their homes.

          The next day in the school in Gladsaxe, we were told the programme for the whole week and how it would go. We got to know each other from the introduction game the students from Denmark had prepared for us, so we made new friends not only from Denmark, but also from Lithuania and the Czech Republic. The theme of the week was ''Vikings''. We spent the whole week exploring their culture and way of life. With this newly acquired knowledge, we were tasked with making presentations focused on this topic, to the students at primary school, which were actually only 2 years younger than us. We learned some very surprising facts as well, for example, did you know that true Vikings never wore helmets with horns? And that they were raiding Russia or that they discovered America far before Columbus did?

          Denmark was, as you might have expected, different from other countries. Their way of living differs from ours in many ways. For example, a bicycle is one of the most common means of transport there. They drive them so often that the morning horde of cyclists on the crossings is a common phenomenon, the same as a short nap after school. That keeps them healthy and the environment cleaner. Maybe it's also because of the season, in which we came, but everything was green and there were parks at every corner. Another thing we noticed right away was the buildings. Many of them were made out of red bricks that we do not see often in our country. This, however, is typical for the Scandinavian countries. Unexpectedly, we also managed to see a few points of interest as well. For example, The Lookout tower from which we saw whole Copenhagen, the Christiansborg Palace, the National Museum in which we learned about Vikings, colourful houses on Nyhavk Street and many more. We took countless photos as you can see on our social media networks. J

          The families we stayed in were friendly, open and welcoming from the moment we met them. They made sure to make our week very entertaining in every moment. The programme in the school was pre-prepared by our Danish partners, and as for the plans in the afternoon, every day was different and awesome in its own way. We literally didn't have time to be bored. We were on the move for the whole time, being in Copenhagen or even in the host's family home. ''Home'' that's what we called the place to which we were returning mildly exhausted yet full of new experience and good memories. In fact, the week seemed too short for our liking, but truth be told, that's how it goes every time you are having fun. It still was one of the best experiences we have ever had and we will definitely keep in touch with our newly found friends for a long time.

                                                                                                         Matej Dančo III. C

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